About Us

About Us

The Social Entrepreneurs' Exchange is a knowledge-sharing and collaboration platform for UnLtd (the Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs) and our partners, volunteers and contributors working together to support social entrepreneurs. Members of the Exchange work together on programmes and projects here, and share their ideas and latest updates. 

There are many of us individuals, teams and organisations - from a range of backgrounds and disciplines, supporting social entrepreneurs in many different ways. 

Experienced social entrepreneurs and business professionals, students and graduates, schools, colleges and universities, local authorities and development agencies, youth and community groups, charities and specialist agencies... a growing network of support for social entrepreneurs.
All providing support in different contexts, but with the shared aim of helping social entrepreneurs develop and sustain their skills and ventures. 

Our aim is to learn from each other: building on the growing body of practical knowledge about effective support for social entrepreneurs at all stages. Site members are invited to share their insights, report on initiatives and promote their events. In return, they can initiate and take part in discussions and access a range of resources and tools. 

If you're not a member, you will still get to see a great range of news and reports as well as the calendar of events and webinars. 

If you would like to know more about the Social Entrepreneurs' Exchange, please Contact Us

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